About our centre

Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre is a private professional organization providing educational and counselling services to individuals, families and communities.

Our Belief

  We all yearn for and can enjoy peace of mind;

  We all want to and are able to live in peace with others;

  We all have infinite potentials;

  The family is the core and lifelong base for learning;

  A harmonious family is the best support for one to cope with any challenges in life;

  A nurturing and supportive family relationship helps to build a harmonious and prosperous society.

Our Vision 

  We wish to share some responsibility in enhancing the spiritual quality of our society by promoting inner peace within individuals and harmony among members of family and community through education and counselling.

Our Mission 

  To sow the seeds of peace and benevolence in our society, to promote a positive attitude towards personal growth and to cultivate a culture of acceptance, respect and support in families, organizations and communities.

Our Services

  Counselling service

  Clinical supervision

  Personal growth

  Parent education

  Educational support

  Professional training and development 

Our Characteristics


All our counsellors and supervisors possess recognized qualifications and rich clinical experience.

To ensure service quality, everyone in our team, both frontline professionals and supporting staff, participate in continuous training and development.


Quality Assurance

All our counselling sessions are video-taped with the consent of clients for the purpose of counsellor's reflection and clinical supervision.

All our training programs undergo professional supervision before launching.


Social Responsibility

Although we are a private organization, all our partners share a vision to serve those in need, and has set aside a portion of the operating funds for charity and public welfare activities.

Our Clinical Staff

Chief Clinical Supervisor and Senior Counsellor Dr. YUNG TSANG Sun May, Grace
Clinical Psychologist Dr. TAM Chung Ngok, Isaac
Clinical Psychologist Dr. YUNG Yuen Man, Samantha
Special Education Consultant Dr. AU Mei Lan
Counsellor Ms. LAU Chiu Ping, Esther
Counsellor Ms. CHIU Mun Hung, Gladys
Counsellor Ms. CHEUNG, Olivia
Counsellor Ms. LAI Hwa, Sarah
Personal Growth Coach and Meditative Art Trainer Ms. CHAN Yuen Ping, Adalyn
  and others



For enquiries or appointment, please call or visit our centre

Tel 2771 1370 Fax 2771 7717 Email enquiries@greenpastures.com.hk

Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre

Rm 1202-03, 12/F, Kowloon Building,555 Nathan Road, Kowloon.

(Near Yau Ma Tei MTR Station Exit A1)